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USB Pan Tilt Controller with Sony LANC (S-Link) interface

This device gives you remote control over a Bescor pan/tilt camera power head. and also provides control of cameras supporting the Sony LANC protocol (also called S-Link). The supplied software allows control of:

All features depend on camera compatibility. The controller is fitted with a 2.5mm stereo jack plug for the LANC connection. An adapter is required to connect to many newer cameras, for example the 522AV LANC-AV 10PIN CABLE ADAPTOR from Hague Camera Supports in the UK.

Note that since 2015 many Sony cameras have a different interface, the "Multiport", and do not support LANC. I have a rather incomplete compatibility list here.

It is compatible with the motorized pan tilt tripod heads supplied in the UK by Hague Camera Supports (Bescor MP-101 and Bescor-360). It allows the pan tilt head to be controlled from the USB port of a computer. This is particularly useful if you are using a camera with a USB connection. Including software (Windows only) it costs:

Destination Cost Postage Total
UK £60 £5 £65.00
EU £60 £8 £68.00
Rest of world £60 £10 £70.00

Note that for "Rest of world" you may be charged import duties by your country's customs. I am no longer registered for VAT and so no longer charge it.

I accept payment via PayPal which will deal with any currency conversions. Please contact me for further information.

You can download a zip file of the latest software version (Windows 7 or later only) by clicking here. The software is free. This software can control any of my PanTilt controllers.

There is demo application for people who want to write their own control software.

Please note that all that is supplied is the rectangular box labelled "USB LANC Controller", plus software and an instruction sheet.

A new feature of this software is the option to control everything from a Games Controller. These are the available functions: