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JTAG Multiplexer

While working in embedded software development, I found a need for something that would connect our expensive scripted debugger (e.g. Lauterbach) to one of several development boards. There seemed to be nothing available commercially, so I made one. It is USB controlled, has four ports, and comes in different versions for different target hardwares. There are 14 way and 16 way IDC connector versions available. It also provides two auxilliary on/off relay contacts. We used it in our "Jenkins" rig to switch between boards during our nightly testing. It was generally reliable, for some hardwares we had to reduce the JTAG clock frequency.

You can download the manual here.

Destination Cost Postage Total inc VAT
UK £400 £5 £405.00
EU £400 £10 £410.00
Rest of world £400 £10 £410.00

Note that for "Rest of world" you may be charged import duties by your countries customs. I can provide a unit on a "sale or return" basis for evaluation if required.

I accept payment via PayPal which will deal with any currency conversions. Please contact me for further information.

You can download the software here, please see the manual for instructions or type "JMUX /?". It is a simple command line app.